and my first character is.... SPIDER-MAN!

(Nayman) #1

Hey guys, i have been toiling away on a spiderman model for some time now, amd here is the finished model… i still hgaver to texture, the colours are temporary… Enjoy!

Looking for coment critisizms, jokes…

(stephen2002) #2

not bad. I would prefer a few stills rather than a spin animation.

(S68) #3


If I remembr well original comics shows a spiderman which is muscular but fairly slim, I find your model a little too ‘developed’

Eyes on mask have an evil look :slight_smile:


(Nayman) #4

ya, he’s a little evil looking, but then again, spiderman is too. I tihnk its to strike fear into the hearts of evil doers

ya, he’s built, but he matches the actor playing him in my move, big boidy, scrawny but musclular legs

(BgDM) #5

Hey Nayman, nice job there man! Look sgood. I only have one mino rproblem. Where the neck meets the shoulders, it seems a little wide. Doesn’t look quite right there.

Anyhoo… get the thing rigged and moving!!