And Nothing of Value Was Lost

Here’s an old cycles work of mine which I re-rendered at 3840x2160.

I remember the annoyance of working with coaxial token ring networks. The cables were often quite stiff to attach and reattach and often gave static electric shocks even when the devices were powered off.

While not being perfect the ethernet jack made things so much easier.


I can relate to that as I worked as a network admin back in the good old 90’s.

Those days were difficult for many reasons.
Push back from users who couldn’t see the benefit of computers, software that crashed all the time and overpriced hardware. Trying to guess where the industry was going and getting blamed for everything that went wrong.
Those days were frustrating and yeah 10baseT was heaven.

nice work !!!

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I wasn’t really expecting the work to to get this level of attention. :smiley:

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