"...and then the Prince Arrived" - Trailer

"…and then the Prince arrived."

…we all know what happens after he arrives. The princess gets rescued from the evil dragon and they live happily ever after.

About one and a half ago me and my girlfriend, both educated in screenwriting, sat outside on our balcony. It was cold, but we tried to comfort us with a fan heater which stood on the table. In this coldness we began to create a story about a princess who is in a tower guarded by a dragon, but with the main difference from the classic plot - she should not be save by the prince. If she only got the tools and beliefs she would realize she could do it herself.

After years and months we are finally done. The project has involved the studies of lines in classic Disney movies, which has been a great influence, and a tons of paint-overs. Every background has been modeled and textured from the scratch, later on all of it has been painted over by digital strokes. It has been a long road were it has not always been clear that we would cross the finish line, sometimes all we saw was fog. But it cleared up. As long as you stay on the road it always does.

We can’t show you the full short yet, the reason being some of the festivals we are sending this into will not approve if it is available online. What we love to do is to share our trailer with you!

Lots of love,
Dennis and Allie