And time goes by...

The picture for design competition on themed And time goes by…
Blender2.48a + V-ray

Great render. I really like the feel of it. I only have a few critiques: the thing that juts out above the door, I notice it doesn’t have a window. The little yellow flowers that, if I’m correct, are supposed be weeds are huge compared to real life. Other than that, I love it. I would love to see the inside

looks great, but you really need some more atmosphere…
add some slight (very slight) Depth of Field and add more contrast… best with some warmer light shining on one side/edge of the house

Caden_Vekk: I think there is some sort of window above the door, just a wodden one, not glass…

how are those called again?

Glad to see another vray user :smiley:
Looks nice, but as the others said, it lacks a mood.

Great models and textures though!

I like how rustic and detailed it is.

I think this could work much better with another composition, like the house with more space around it. Now it’s too narrow.

No proste myslim ze by to chtelo vic mista okolo… :slight_smile: