And Tomorrow ?

Here are my two frogs again. Should we wait until this probable issue or do we give them a chance today ?

Modelled with Blender
Rendered with Yafray
Postpro with Gimp

Your other ones were well done and subtle, but this picture just has the “bludgeoning the viewer over the head” feel of a propaganda film. The render quality isn’t as high, either.

I agree with Blackboe, but it’s still funny.

yep, this one has the same kind of feeling as those desktop wallpapers that bash microsoft/windows.
doesn’t really work as nicely as the other two… here frogs are no longer frogs.

maybe it’s time to move on to other themes…


yeah, must agree, the text is not needed, nor the second frog for that matter, funny yes,
the image would still be strong enough just with the one frog, two planets, stars.
The clover & amazonia need not have been said. The image would be strong/stronger without them. That said, still awesome, I couldn’t come close.

You know, I’ve seen these frogs in at least 3 pieces now and its turning into those darned Telus commercials. I saw the frogs first time in the “light bulb” scene. I don’t remember the title but I remember the image clearly and it is one of my favorites. Clearly your work is exemplary but this time around the “frogs” idea is quite overdone. I hope this doesn’t sound harsh.

Not your best piece by far, maybe your trying to make it to obvious what you wanna tell. That said, your didn’t stitch the background properly. About 1cm under the earth there is a gap without any stars.


Yep, I know, I hesitated to make this one, in fact the last of a trilogy. I had this in mind since a while but didn’t know how to avoid the text and to get something subtile enough to transmit the message based on the image only. Anyway thanks for your comments and I agree it’s time to swicth to another theme … :yes:

hey, good update, I do find the second image still portrays your message well.
The search for water or lost in space (pardon the pun) looking for water as the planet Earth dries it’s final well.
The new image makes the viewer think harder about the meaning of the image. It also does tell the story in such a way that the true meaning would not be lost.

The earth will never run out of water, it’s just not possible, regions will get dryer others wetter…

Your update improves the picture. You might want to displace map the moon, it looks a bit flat.


yup…in fact there’ll be more and more water…

but ironic that there’ll be no more fish in 50 years…or sea food…

i reallly love ur frog series

for the deforestation theme, perhaps frogs in space suits is a bit over the top. I think something more dangerous, without text (since art needs no translation). I can visualize the two of them out on a branch, looking out at the fires used to deforest, with an encroaching city representing the inexorable exploitation by man. With this sad look in their eyes (perhaps the flames reflecting off their eyes) and a tear welling, they watch the inevitable destruction of their wetland, knowing that they are next to perish.

PapaSmurf just likes fire and destruction:rolleyes::no::eyebrowlift: I’d actually love to see an image like PapaSmurf described. it could be really cool!

I think it’s better without the text. It’s still a solid, nicely made image though. The lizard is pretty cute.