Andrew Price's How to Create a City Tutorial

Thanks to mib2berlin (on this forum) I was able to get the lighting to work. As a beginner, I learned a lot from doing this tutorial. I’d have liked to improve it more if I had the skills. Still I’m happy with the results.


The animation was good and the city was impressive. I was also to tempted to make a city using that tutorial, but I developed my own technique into making a city scene that any character can be animated on the street level. I was trying to make a tutorial off of it but I couldn’t get the codecs right. What I didn’t like was the part that the cars where coming in and out of the building.

Xero, I fixed the car issue. It was driving me nuts. Luckily I saved the 4,000 png files. Anyway, I plan to delete the other video. Now, hopefully I can move on to another tutorial. Here’s the revised one.

Ok, that’s great. But if you make the city again, try to make the cars to scale to the buildings. From both of the videos, the cars were bigger than the possible entrances to the buildings. I’ll leave you alone and good luck on the next attempt.

Agreed. The tutorial called for using a two-lane highway, which made the cars (which have to fit realistically on the highway lanes) half the buildings’ width. At the end of the tutorial Andrew shows his own finished city. It was only then I noticed he used a four lane highway. So I did the same (Photoshop Elements). That helps but I know the cars are still not scaled right. I lack the skills to fix that and more that’s wrong with the scene. But you offered good constructive criticism, and it’s appreciated.