Andrew Price's new Blender UI: Do we want it?

I wanted to start this thread to see what people thought about Andrew Price’s new Blender UI Proposal?
Some questions would be:

  • What are your thoughts on the UI now?

  • What you like about, what you don’t?

  • What are your thoughts on the proposed UI?

  • What are your thoughts on it?

  • What you do and don’t like?

My opinion: (Please note that the pictures are property of Andrew Price)

When I first watched the videos, I noticed he started on how Blender isn’t user friendly enough, which in fact, I disagree. When I first jumped on Blender a couple years ago, I could almost instantly pick up what to do with a hotkey sheet, whereas when I first jumped into Maya - I was like “what am I doing??”. I am not here to poop on his design, I am simply here to share my thoughts, and see what other Blender users want! :slight_smile:

I have to admit, there are some features I really enjoy, such as changed wireframe color Black>White

This I think is a brilliant idea, because it is much easier to see your mesh, in my opinion. Secondly, I really, really like the idea of a warning message when one of your textures go missing, that is excellent! Along with a “would you like to save” message when you “X” out of the program…

Now, to what I don’t like. This new UI has many features that will benefit Blender in so many ways, and I realize this is only a design issue - but, with this new UI, it makes Blender look like a photo editing software, and almost kiddy. Blender has a unique look to it now, that sets it beautifully apart from other softwares. The new UI is going to add a toolbar:

Blender : Photoshop

While this is okayyy, what is wrong with the previous sidebar? Why add icons that are controlled by hot keys and the mouse! Will the hot keys change! ‘Coz personally I don’t want to “learn” blender over again. The final thing I am going to bring up is the kiddy looking top bar. I know this is a design flaw, not a system flaw, but doesnt the top bar look kinda’, kiddy? It makes it look like the Flash UI, which is very juvenile looking!

“Ran out of pictures space” >>

So, what do you think? Am I wrong, am I right?