android 1138

i need some help. i need some ideas for the joints. i dont like the rubber tubing look like i curently have, and i was thinking of the classic ball/socket joint, but thats overused in robotics, i want some other type of joint, if possible

not, thats not his final hip/crotch piece, im definitely going to change it, and im also redoing its thighs.

try the joints i put on my OLD robo that i gave up on. Maybe ill pick it back up in Lightwave

and a close up of the hand

try those out

i tried the “rubber tubing” joint effect. flexable, durable, reliable, and…blendable.

im going to add hydaulics and such for the neck and between the legs, like the terminator. maybe for the arms too, like c3-po

hows it looking?

take a look now. all it needs is a skeleton and a warehouse, and a few hundred of his friends.

I suggest keeping the old render up so we can comment on your progress…

What are those black lines on the wall for? The rest looks good to me. Your plan sounds nifty.

the black lines in the background? those are doors cut out, huge doors for the loading trucks.

i dont have any of my old renders. as soon as i save a rendered image, i instantly save over my old image and upload it to my website.