Android Arm

Finished my Android arm. :)Please tell me what you think.

Pretty good. Personally I don’t like it very much when the bones are exposed like that.

I get the feeling that the joint areas seem anatomically incorrect. Something just puts me off about them. It could be you added too much subsurf but I don’t know. Still… nice job.

Weel first of all, the fingers only have two joints(there should be three per finger). Also, theres no way that thumb would be able to move much. The joints look…odd. More like bones, so it also seems like the fingers wouldnt be able to move.

Just some things I noticed.

I think it looks good, personally. The joints would allow movement in my mind, and the third joint would be inside the base of the finger, much like real hands. No knuckle doesn’t mean no joint.

Only real problem I’m seeing is something I can’t figure out what it is… the forefinger middle section is like… cut in half or something… not sure =/

didn’t see the cut fingers. It was a problem with the weight painting. I got it.