ANDROID BGE: work in progress.

Hi i’m an italian game developer, i decide to use the BGE for make some simple game, today i’m gonna show you a simple 3RD person shooter and free roaming (like GTA), i want to export it on android and ios, tell me if you like it:yes: or not:mad:.

here some screen, in this screen you can’t see the 2D filters ( REAL TIME SSAO/BLOOM EFFECT/CHROMEABERR )

for now the city is not completed!
I HOPE YOU ENJOY AND BYE!:stuck_out_tongue:

I like your modelling work.
The SSAO looks nice too.
I am looking forward to seeing some in-game footage. :wink:

This looks like its going to be fun :slight_smile:

The Android port was never completed so don’t count on it unless you’re planning on finishing that. AFAIK, the BGE is not compatible with iOS App Store due to conflicts with the GPL license. So if you’re primary target is mobile, I suggest another engine.

I am also interested in how you’ve planned to use BGE on Android. Surely you need to playtest it pretty soon? There have been some hacks in the past but nothing quite established from what I’ve heard.

ok i think i’m gonna esport all my work in udk or unity because i think blender game is not very much powerful then what i expected :frowning: i see some good games in this forum but UDK or unity are better!

No, it’s not about power. You did no research and went blind ahead with BGE probably because it was the only software you could use. Then after you learn you got way in over your head with iOS and Google Market talk you blame it on BGE not being powerful. People make beautiful games on it, it’s a matter of who’s in charge.

Besides Rockstar has already raided both the iTunes AND Google Play with their selection of genuine quality GTA games for a very lucrative prices and there’s zero room for competition. If you attempt to use GTA-specific stuff in your game you will be sued.

And I might add running a 3D sandbox game on mobile device is a serious challenge to any engine including the very best ones and you’d have to be a wizard coder to make it work.

When you know so little about the industry and business it doesn’t matter what you use, you aren’t going finish this kind of project. Start smaller.

It’s likely that the Viewport FX project by Jason Wilkens will come with the necessary changes to make it easier to produce an Android game player for BGE games (due to one of the project goals being Android compatibility for Blender in general).

He’s almost done with some of the major stuff which includes those changes, perhaps one day you can even use Blender on your mobile device to make your mobile game.

Also, if you want to use a different engine, then the UDK is old hat. The Unreal 4 engine is where everyone’s going (including a number of Unity users) due to it being a generic engine unlike the FPS-oriented nature of the former.