Android charactor

![file:///G:/Pictures/Jaspers%20Graphic%20images/photo/3D/Phyykhe.jpg](file:///G:/Pictures/Jaspers%20Graphic%20images/photo/3D/Phyykhe.jpg)This is very high poly, when finished I’ll have to make a low poly and bake textures/normals etc. I’m struggling with how to start and branch off arms and legs as i’ve never modelled successful arms or legs, whatever I do looks out of proportion.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

That’s pretty cool. Never seen anyone with a work flow quite like yours, lol, you got pretty far with the body before doing the limbs. I say just make the arms and legs and you can scale the to suit you afterward. Just play around with it. Of course you could use a reference pic( thats what others will tell you) but I never do that myself…

I’ll try and make some arms and legs lol. If I fail i’ll have to use some references, oh well!