Android-D2 Wallpaper and Icons

Well as you can see, it is really a very simple idea, I saw that the Android robot and R2-D2 had some similarities and I made a hybrid of them and lo and behold here is Android-D2.

I know is a wee bit more abstract work than some other Sci-fi 3D models that I have done but it still has some Star Wars into the mix and I though that maybe some of you guys would like it so I am letting you know it is there so you can download it if you want to.

It is really simple, again as usual I did it in a relatively short period of time cause I do these things in my spare time and I had to simplify and it still took a couple of days to do plus the render time which was about 38 hours in a Intel i7 2.66 Ghz 920 with 1,333 Ghz DDR-3 ram.

It was rendered in Blender’s old renderer not in Cycles.

It is somewhat longer than Android and shorter than R2-D2 (sort of in-between) and I gave the R2-D2 like parts rounder edges and simpler lines to make them look more Android bot like and that was the result. If you want it you can get the 3D Blender model that I used for the robot by downloading the icons & 3D model .zip file set that I also did which is a separate submission in my Deviantart gallery.

Deviantart file download for portable devices:

Deviantart file download for desktops & laptops:

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