Android Escape Game

I’ve been using blender to develop assets for my first android game, altough the game doesn’t use blender game engine, I do use blender and custom tools to convert data from blender to a binary form my own android game engine can work with. I can create properties on objects to hook certain logic events up such as when the player presses action button on the door, the player needs a certain key or a puzzle to be solved before the door will open. A couple of older screenshots can be found on my site (which is still very much a WIP also =]).

Wow, blender on android? so basically, you have your own tools to convert a blender binary to Android? if so CAN you post them???

Hendore said “to convert blender data to a form his own android game engine can work with”. That’s great but that’s not what you think.

Keep working Hendore, your game looks very nice :yes:

so how to implement ipo?