Android for Animation

Hey everyone

This is my first posting of my work (at all) just because the rest has been altogether not that great. anywho…

Ive been working on this charicter for eventually animating. comments and critisicim are very welcome. (but not on the lighting on the bigger pic, that’s just a skrew up on my part… i would fix it but i didnt want to go through the hassle of trying to work with the file any more.)

You probobly wont be seeing much more of it for a while. my computer is too slow to manipulate the file (i click, go get a drink from upstairs, then wait 2 minitues, then click again.) BUT my new computer would be fast enough, BUT it broke when i was putting it together so i need a replacement part and it’s back ordered…ect…ect…ect…

BTW, does anyone know of a really good texturing tut./guide? i can make decent textures, it’s just i usually cant get them to go on the model right… is there a way you can unwrap the model, like in softimage|xsi? (no, i dont use it, i just got the cd demo cause it’s free)

Comments and critisisim are appriciated… sorry if i yak too much!!!

think you robot is wonderful and shows very interesting and great detail although the base of your feet really detract from your over all design :frowning:

can’t wait to see this thing move!

I love the torso, head, and limbs. The only thing that disturbs me are the hands (mostly the thumbs) and the feet. Since the rest of the android is so human like, the feet don’t seem to match up.

i especially like the the robots facial expression. is “marvin” reffering to marvin the robot from the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy? if yes he looks quite like i’ve imagined him myself.
Very nice pistons and lots of details what makes the charakter interesting to look at. the transparet torso was a very good idee, too. imho the hands are scaled and modelled just right. but maybe you should make the feet a little bigger and heavier, compared to the hands they seem small. enough of critism, greta work and hope everything goes well with your new computer!


Very beautiful model and posture!

Personally I find hands too well… clumsy…, with so thick digits it must be a problem to grasp objects :slight_smile:


Nice job! I actually like the hands. They are different from the rest and break up the humanoid look you have going, which can, and is, a good thing.

The feet however are another story. They just don’t look right at all. Sorry, but this has to get changed.

Waiting for the animation!


man i just love all those gears! great design! some textures and better lighting will really make this guy shine
all those gears are really good! ((sucker for gears))

AWESOME! i’d like to see it with a nice “rustboy” looking texture. w0w.

cool! pretty detailed :o :o

All those little gears and hydraulics and stuff like that…thats just

cya henrik

wow, im surprised to see so many of you are thinking the same things i am…

As for the feet, they were’nt my original design, and to be perfectly honest, i changed them because i was just getting plain lazy. Now that ive had a bit of a break, i might go back and do them as i had before…

I just thought of this, but if anyone wants to see the concept art i did for this, i can post it too. i know i always like to see concept art…

is “marvin” reffering to marvin the robot from the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy? if yes he looks quite like i’ve imagined him myself.

actually, i thought of the charicter, but once i did the concept art, i couldnt think of a name! so i blatantly plagerised it. i always personally thought of marvin the paranoid android as a short stumpy all chrome thing. My charicter is kind of tall and lanky, and… well it wont be all chrome.

also, ive checked into how the hands would be for using, and as far as i can tell, they would be fine unless you want to type. (of course, my method of taping my fingers together isnt the most high tech.) i think the confusion is in the thumbs - normally they dont just stick just straight out, they would be bent. i modeled them straight out so that it would be a bit simpler to make armatures for them.

i still suck at getting textures placed right ( i know so cause i checked. you dont want to see it. ) , it’s prolly cause i dont know what all these buttons do!!! if someone has a good tutorial, plz help.

but anywho… ill post the updated feet in another pic soon, and ill fix my little lighting blunder… sorry again if i yack a little too much