Android GameKit

I don’t have an Android phone, but i’m thinking of picking up a cheap one to try out the GameKit.

Will any old phone do or is there a minimum spec which is needed to run 3d and physics based games?

I don’t think GameKit supports Android (yet).

Then you need to check which android version it uses. I think that Galaxy and Iphone has Open GL 2.0 features. (Yep, Iphone is not Android powered).

For some reason on the Google code page it doesn’t mention it but elsewhere it does, including the forum tag line, also here’s a page on building for it

Whoa! Haven’t seen this Eyelight! I must confess my GameKit homework is quite uncomplete =>.<=

I think we need to start a post inside Gamekit forums or direct message Erwin to known which is the most cheap device to try out Android & Gamekit. Another clever strategy would be own the same device (equivalent) the developer has, in this case Zcube(JiSeop Moon) so I think it’s a good thing to PM him too. Please let me know if you already did that so I don’t need to bug those enlightened people :wink:

Interesting indeed.
Thanks for that post. Less people are aware of that.
So will gamekit be able to run Blender Games on Android ?:cool: Lets hope so.
Emulators aren’t currently supported. Er.

What do you mean “Emulators aren’t currently supported”? Do you mean software emulators? There’s quite a few present already.

i do have an android sdk on linux along with the emulator, but the post on the forum says Emulators wont currently support the android game made with blender and gamekit due to lack of opengl ES 2 support i guess. So youll need a real device to test such a game. If anone has made a game, please fell free to share it. i’ll test it on a friend’s phone.

Hi, Eyelight…
you post this thread here in bge forum… is that mean you will make your game in bge? But if you want to save your game into a globalDict, you should use python in blender right? And gameKit doesn’t support python, so… do you have a plan to solve this issue?

Hey I have a toshiba thrive running android I can test on, is there such a thing as insurance fot a beta machine?

Is there a python exchange language? converter?