Android SDK and blender game engine

this is running on a mobile…

with Google new additions to the backend (AEP)… many things are possible…

can someone take a look at these open source libraries and see if they can be used to support the bge on high end android systems?

There is nothing about AEP that would make the required porting process either easier, or harder. Extended capabilities are something to think about when you actually have a functioning port on the target platform. Until then, these extensions are mostly for big-name engine vendors, so they can have feature parity for their products across platforms.

Not that it matters, given the irony of the demo: All those fancy graphics, yet the focus is on “Tappy Chicken”.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that graphical fidelity is made virtually irrelevant by compelling gameplay. Minecraft, Braid, Starseed Pilgrim and many other games have proven as much.

As “high-end” graphics become more common, they will become even more boring (especially for casual players, who dominate mobile markets).

^ Agreed.
As long as the player is looking at something mildly nice, there shouldn’t be problems getting people to play the game.

I wouldn’t consider any of those games lacking beauty aesthetically, just realistic graphics (like you’ve said).

I was actually thinking about the “handles” that it’s new api provides for OpenGL,

and if this meant that some of the code base was now applicable.

Before a port can even happen, the BGE has to be cleaned up first. That original GSOC project should have included some sort of Rasterizer cleanup.