Android set to take another step towards being a true walled garden

For many people, that means your next Android Phone or tablet will ban you from downloading anything from outside the Google Play store (with the only exception being preloaded storefronts).

Essentially, Android gets a lot closer to being an iOS knockoff. So far, I haven’t read of any indication of this banning Open Source and the GPL as well, but Google has been steadily tightening the screws in their ecosystem in the name of security, so who knows what comes next.

Oh, and before I get any flack about this only being for those in the Advanced Protection Program, the source article says this cannot be turned off if it is on, which hints that enrolling is done by the vendor and not the user.

A bit sensational of a title, don’t you think, ace? That’s a slightly better title.

This is a voluntary program for high profile hacking targets. It isn’t enabled by default, you have to opt in.

Seems like a reasonable safety setting for those concerned about hackers.

Actually it says that ‘google play protect’ cannot be turned off if it is on. I’m not sure how easy it is to opt out of the APP, but again, you have to opt in.

Edit: Just checked, you can opt out at any time.

Disappointing development but not surprising. Call me paranoid, but I always thought of mobile platforms to be proprietary software’s way of outflanking the open-source movement. Expect to see more “mobile only” services and applications in the future. They really don’t want you to own your hardware.

Goddamn Sundar! They just want to make their cut off of the Play Store :frowning: …Surely this is antitrust or something? Can’t anyone DO something?