AndroidHand->a start

this is 1 of a few student focus projects for high school anim class - always open to suggestions… thks

Nice! If it is rigged, could we see it?

I’m guessing your going to go to Vancouver Film school…?

Notice the high school part :smiley: . VFS is basically a college. But it does look fantastic. Great work!!!

lol, you misunderstood me. I know you’re in high-school, it says in the post! I meant to say, “Are you going to go to VFS?”:smiley:

Oh haha whoops… :smiley: My mistake! Sorry!

EDIT: Grats on 400 posts N00bhaxor!

No problem! And, oh, haha! Nice catch, didn’t notice that. Well thanks, and let’s see some more of that android!:smiley:

thnks for the feedback…I’m actually the instructor and want to use my login to display student work. I have some great students and the work is improving all the time. This is Larissa’s -grd. 11. She is a great animator as well…but the year is winding down - but hopefully she’ll pick this up in Sept… thnks

Dang, I wish my High School had an anim. course. I’m learning everything on my own, and I am planning on going to VFS!

An animation class… Damn lucky…

Well…I am a Tech teacher- in these parts that includes many subjects - we do drafting/CADD in my lab also but our department covers all the subject areas you would expect in high school. You should approach your drafting teacher (if it’'s offered) an introduce Blender to him/her. Or start your own ‘club’ and see where it goes. VFS is good - there are others as well
thks for checking us out

I go to a really small school- about 350 kids. There isen’t really the demand for those kinds of classes. The teacher recruited a senior who was a blenderer last year for about 3 computer application classses and he taught the class super basic stuff, like extruding and scaling, and we ended up making a snowman by just pasting together a few UVspheres and a cone. He really wasen’t that good at teaching it, but it got me into it anyway.