Andy Griffith phone

A while back I posted a thread…
In the thread, I asked " Do you think it will ever be possible to make new episodes of all these old shows with computer animation someday?"

I decided today to start on this project. I will model one object at a time, until someday(maybe), I have enough stuff made to do an episode.(or at least a walk-through)
My first model is the phone that sits in the court-house.
It took me about 35 min. to model, stretched out over the day.
The wire and background are temporary.

The lighting is not very good to actually see much of the object, especially with the dark material. Maybe render it again with a white material and at least 3 lights from different directions (and maybe different intensities), just to be able to see the shape better. Also I would suggest using AO (ambient occlusion), which will help with the perception of the shape.
Also I would suggest to use CatRom filter (F10 menu) instead of Gauss. The Gauss filter blurs the render way too much imho. With the CatRom filter it will look way sharper.

Thanks, I’ll try that…
I forgot to mention, if anybody is interested in working with me on this project…just drop me a pm.

Edit: I already am using ao, but I turned it off for this render, because it was taking too long.