Andy tear

Hi there,

Here is my new wouip…

A meca woman head :spin:

Is this going to be that woman from Mass Effect?

No I think not…

The next steps :

awesome work! Cant wait to see how it turns out!

Thanks Aidan.

My work is invisible on this forum… nevermind… I continue. What else…

Looking good CyNn!
Are you using wings3d?

Yes wings 3d for modelisation, and blender for tubes.

Yeah… end of the head.
Happy to begin breast…

yop, last image of wings… Mode finish… and I now will export to blender…

nice job! i really like ur style

Thanks killking7

An amazing piece of artwork you have here. I love the concept of organic vs. mecanical. Those tubes coming out of her forehead tickle the imagination…

wow! she looks good! i agree with the combination of organic and mechanical…
just wondering…why do you prefer to use wings3d for the modeling? thanks
looking forward for more updates :slight_smile:

Wow! I’m looking forward to seeing this done. Good detailing you’ve been doing already.

If I should crit anything, it would be where the tubes intersect with that…thing(?). You should do something about the intersection, so that it’s just not plain and sharp. In real life no edges are like this. If you want a bit rough style, make the tubes look like they are welded on there. If not, maybe something more subtle might work better, a small welding or similar. I know it’s a detail, but it’s just one of those things that’ll clearly give away it’s CG.

  • The above crit applies to other places as well, not just around those tubes. I see the same sort of thing happening elsewhere when your meshes intersect.

A few references:

Keep it up!

Thanks for crits…

Garuhhh : simply because I prefer, and I think the viewport and tools are more efficients than blender. But it’s my opinion. And the second adventage, is that I can made the same modeling for a lots of 3d software (cinema4d, blender, 3dsmax, maya etc…)

MHPE : Thanks.
I know the tubes jonction are not good.
But for my render, I will center to the face, so tubes implementation will not be visibles.
I always works like this, I create the minimum of details, and add some of there when I create final scene with point of view.
I think it’s not util to lost time to create some jonctions thant will not be visible on final scene.

Thanks a lot, your crit is really constructive :wink:

I pass to blender for rendering :

any rendering setup details? blender internal? you used HDRI, right? can’t seem to find a good one like what you’re using now…

Yes blender internal for render, and an HDRI map only for reflection.

Thanks for crit.

Hey, last render before the week-end…

This starts to look freaking awesome. Very cyberpunkish :-)))
Just one question, how is it possible to use HDRI with Blender internal render? I thought it is not possible all tutorials are saying that HDRI maps can be used (for lighting or AO) only with Yafray. I had no good results with Blender internal :frowning: So can you explain some of your secrets, please?