Andyinabox - Sketchbook

Hi everyone - I’m pretty new to the Blender community but have been slowly building a portfolio of Blender animations for the last few years. I have a fine arts background that runs a wide gamut, but the medium closest to my heart is video. I tend to focus mainly on non-narrative animation, so I don’t expect to share many stills unless they’re frames from a video project.

This sketch started out as a way to learn more about Boid particle physics, but took on a life of its own. Rendered with EEVEE.

market forces from Andy Dayton on Vimeo.

You can find many more of my older sketches on Instagram:

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Early work in progress: Trump drives the Barr bus to election day.

My goal is to present this as an illustration-style 3d scene. Some inspiration:

InuBeko Ukiyo - Kinkakuji Temple by Jellepostma on Sketchfab

older woman with glasses by TShahan on Sketchfab

Also really thinking about David Suter’s illustrations: