Ang Maps: A surrogate tutorial

ok since apparently some people cannot get to jesters PDF, in simple terms, this is what to do:

  1. get a big texture, and load it as the texture of your world.
  2. set to ‘real’, and in the menu over on the right, ‘horizon’.
  3. now in the other menu over on the right, set it for ang map.
  4. for the ambient occlusion, if you are using it, set to ‘add’ and ‘sky texture’.
  5. now that you have loaded your ang map, you can composite things directly into your background by using planes set to ‘only shadow’ to catch the shadows. also your reflections will work better. do a brief camera anim to get the idea, but don’t animate the loc, just the rot.

blend on garth. blend on wayne.

I love that movie Modron!

and you’re tut is better than mine…
it’s so easy to follow…
Thanks man!