Angel Statue

Good Evening!

I built this in about three days and was looking for critique.

First scene setup as wire is unreadable with this scene:

Second a few full shots of various materials (Render time was 6 minutes):

And finally the final draft of the scene (Render time was 20 minutes):
High res:

I am looking for critiques on texturing, materials, composition, and color although anything you think could be improved upon is welcome. One thing I would like to do is also try “cool” colors.

Thank you,

At my opinion, the full shot with the gold material (the front shot) was beter than the closeup. In this full shot, the 2 black borders (at the left and the right) could be narrower.

Your final image, the closeup, is a bit disturbing for me because I view 2 elements, one blured and the other one sharp. Both are unrecognizable. My eyes constantly hesitate between these two forms. If someone did not see the full shot first, he could not recognize what these elements are.
In a second time, I see also a reflection surimposed on the image: two curved wings assembled in a form that look like an eye.
The combinaison between blurred, sharped and superimposed image is just too much for the eye…

But it is a good idea. I hope you would continue to work on this scene.