Angel Tattoo Design

Hi a friend of mine wants to get a tattoo, but she is being very picky with the design. She knows exactly how she wants it but cant find one.

I was wondering if you lovely people over here in the traditional forum could help me. I have a little list of how she wants it to look and i cant draw at all, i was wondering if maybe you could give it a go.

I cant offer you anything other than my thanks, and a favour in return if you ever need one.

Here is how should would like it.

An angel on her knees with her bum touching her ancles
With big wings which are open
Long brown hair partly covering her face
Head down
Fantasy like, blue and white clothing.

I dont expect anyone to try, but i thought on the off chance someone who could draw would like to have a go it would be very very helpful to me.

Thanks in advance.

Dont worry guys, i got a mate who is a great artist to do it, i will scan it when he has done the final one to show you.

So? Do we get to see it? :wink:

Hopefully she won’t regret this down the road, almost all the tattoed people I know do.

yeah…Tattos are only worth getting if they are temporary, because they are temporary in their very nature.

People’s interesets and personalities change, and they later regret making such a permanent change to their body. So…

Tattoos only make sense if they are temporary.

i disagree, entireley.

if its something that you value, not just a ridiculous chinese symbol or something that means nothing to you, then go for it. think about it for a while, but go for it.

the whole IDEA of a tattoo, is that it’s permanent.

A tatoo can reflect who you are and no matter how hard you try you will always be yourself, even if you think otherwise. They also help you remember who you use to be so you don’t lose your memory’s of the past.

So yah when do we see the pic?

Heloo…Is it done yet?

hehe, couldn’t resist to have a little crack at it myself

I know it’s not exactly like requested (probably a lot more stylished and less colourfull than wanted); and I know I need to work on the legs and wings a bit more, but I’m still really happy with the result

that angel has a demon likelook on her face?

If you friend is still looking I’d be interested to do it. Drew a quick sketch of an idea I had in a few minutes. If she likes I’ll finish it up for her.

Just a couple of questions:

  • Eyes open or closed?
    -Tight clothes or loose? if loose dress or pants?
    -Wings big enough or do they need to be bigger?
    -How big is the tattoo gonna be on her? (this’ll help for how much or little detail to add)

Hey, I saw a temporary tattoo which looked exactly like the description! If only I had taken a picture of it… :wink: