Angel Wip

(crow) #1

Well seeing as the other guy is finished except for his texture problem time to move on and here she is =o)

sorry i have only 1 pic kinda putting it up quick

Hell if i know, i found what they called “templates” basically it was a side view, and front view and a in between turned view in wire frame. That where the wings came from as well. Just add a Nurbs sphere stretch and pull, convert to mesh for the finer details. I did this for each major boody part and joined them up. ~shrugs~ will have to look where i got the picture from.

(S68) #2

Not bad,

but human figure looks like a standard poser model (isen’t it) and wings looks very flat, like if they are just textured with an image, not with a bumpmap or a complete model.

Image texture too could be refined, have you tried to use a real wing?