This will be anothe design added to my t-shirts, except this will be colored… any pickyness about the pose you dont like?

Nice drawing.

As for the pose, I don’t like how the wings are bunched up in the position they are: it took me a couple of seconds to figure out that they were wings. I would recomend spreading them out slightly so that the tips of the wings are visible and obvious (they don’t have to be spread out much to accomplish that). Perhaps you could even have the wings partly coming around to shelter the baby as well, sort of mimicking her arms? Though you wouldn’t want it to be so extreme that it obscures her face or the baby from view.

Also, the hair looks more like some sort of hood (for a while I thought it was a hood) than hair. I would recommend positioning the hair differently, perhaps falling infront of her body instead of behind it.

Again, it’s a nice drawing. Just trying to help you make it even better. :slight_smile:

a bit more like this???