Angelic: Open Lancer Heavy Cruiser

Hi, I finally joined forces with OpenLancer team and decided to go first with a large ship. Here’s the design (not final drawing but I can’t be bothered to scan again)


And the basic outline (spent a lot of time here)

Hope you like it

Good shapes, nice. Funny thing is i knew pretty much
my response before seeing the work, knew there was
some good wip.

My last visit here, i am done with my career and hobby of
3d. Well one fx job one week from now who need an apple
laptop, well no one wants to pay for the postage and taxes.
oh lol this “chat” really doesnt belong here.

Keep up the Nice Edge!

j thats sad news, good luck with what ever you decide to do

heres a lame update, sorry ive been bussy with work and life.

sorry if im mistaken(lol) but if u need help with it id love to join…ill give up my other thred cause im prolly gonna lse track of it or no ones gonna join…also im not sure but do u wanna turn this into a game…and to J…o hope u succed in watever else u would like to do in youre life

Hi blender spartan, you are welcome to join the team

heres the openlancer project page:

and if you are into IRC join ##openlancer @ freenode

Another little update. Rounding things up, fixing geometry, making sure smoothing looks good