[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]These are my angels i started workin on them yesterday and i was wondering how they were.say what you like i need some feedback/ ideas please.


Looks very promising! I can see three things at the moment that could use a bit of tweaking, in my opinion. :slight_smile:

First would be the second angel down. His robe is a bit form hugging, making his body look rather feminine, which kinda doesn’t work with the square, ‘manly’ jaw. :wink:

Secondly is the third one down. His robe is a bit short in the front, but that’s just a matter of tastes I suppose.

And lastly would be the eagle one. Love the hands on that one, and I’d think it might look good if the feet matched with them.

Keep that up, it’s looking quite nice!

ok sweet ill look into those thanks for the help

The eagle guy’s neck feathers need to cover more and be more of a mane than a shock. They’re looking pretty good, but in my opinion they need better presentation, i.e. lighting and changing the background from the plug-ugly default blue.

Thank you:) , i havent done anything with the lights and bkround because i am going to make i final render with them all posed together and with that i would have had an environment and a cooler backround.:wink: