Angle question

Hi everyone,

In Edit mode - Mesh Tools More, I can turn on Edge Length and Edge Angles and they
work great if I’m working with Faces. However, if I’m just working with Edges only the
Edge Length tool works!. It would be very useful if I could select 2 or more edges and
be able to see the angles.


  1. Can this be done (am I missing something)?.

  2. If not, where can I submit a request for this feature to be hopefully added to Blender
    in a future update?.



It works fine for me in edit mode and edge select mode. Take a basic cube go to edge select mode and select 2 or more adjoining edges and activate edge length and edge angle and it should show edge length: 2.000 and edge angle: 90.000.


Yes it works if the edges have faces attaches, if you are working with just
edges it will not give you the angle. Even if you erase a face from your cube
and try selecting 2 open edges it will not show.

Thanks for replying.