angle wings....

I’ve been trying to learn how to create realistic angel wings but no luck and the ones i creates are not up to snuff. I can’t find a tut on any sort of wing any ideas would be great. ty.

are we talking modleing or textures… i assume modleing. do you have a concept in mind, eg what your end result will look like?it makes it easir to make sugessions if i have a vague idea of the style you aiming for.

any specific problems with your other attemps?

you find another angel 3D model then retopo it
and then mpdify to suit your needs!

good luck

Well what I was doing was creating the wing bone then making a base pin feather and just duplicating the pin feather. Then I would weight paint the sides of the pin feather and create hair particles and then comb them like a feather but unfortunately I maxed out the number of particles lol. I want a very realistic wing, but this is my first time ever modeling and i haven’t been able to hit the mark I want. And your obviously hinting that texture could help me, could you shed some light on that technique because Im just starting to learn about how to use textures. thank you.

intense modeling of the individual feathers may look great if you planing on going seriously up close. But it will kill you in render time, especially if you have light coming through the back or some other effect. textures can five you really awesome effects and save you effort.
if you make the texures your self you have more control. you may want search wings in genral and find something that works for you.
else photo shop the wing with feathers, and pull it back into blender. thought you might want layers to make it feel more alive. bumb map to give it texture and motion. as the wing moves (assuming animation)

what did you do to run out of particles though? you may want to make a model of the feather and attach the modle as a particles this will look alot beter esspecially if animating wind or some thing.

ill try what rickyblender said and then modify it with your advice thank you alabandit and rickyblender :smiley:

here is some sites with free models

check theses out you might find one

General 3D model 60 sites

i’v seen some small angles in one of theses

hope it helps