Angled lighting / Incorrect light falloff.

Hi everyone.

I have a problem with my lighting. No matte what lightsource i choose, it is biased towards one side, and i can’t figure out why.

The left picture is as seen from the top.
I have two point lamps just below the picture. (Orange-ish and Blue-ish colours.) And a spotlamp pointing directly down as the purple colour.

They are not linked or copied two/from another. As you can see all the lights falloff correctly down and left. But all lighting disappears in up/right direction.

There is nothing blocking the lamps that is creating the sadows, and it also happens no matter where i move the lamp at.

Anyone got an idea to what is causing this?

Im using the internal render.

Kind regards.

Found out after some serious trial and error searching.
Apparently it’s a stupid thing to check “normal map sampling” when it’s not a normal map. :o “Slap on forehead”

Problem solved.