Angry Bees, a engineless blender game

I spent this afternoon trying this silly idea that have been lingering in the back of my head for the past year.

What if blender is already a game engine? I mean, it can handle user inputs and move 3d objects around and have a nice real-time rendering engine.

So I made a game albeit a crappy one with a bad enemy AI and less than 500 lines of code but a game nonetheless.

It runs on blender 2.91, to play the game just run the attached script, here’s the .blend file.

game.blend (1.3 MB)


I really like that a lot actually, I like the way the boss fight runs, it makes me think of other good bosses in games. Not impossibly hard, but makes it interesting. What would be fun to do next is add another phase to the battle where the bee attacks you another way

yeah, although this one was more meant to be a proof of concept that its possible to make a game just with vanilla blender, so I didn’t spend a lot of time on it.

maybe I’ll redo it again later with more care to detail.


HAHA, genius!

I never thought of this, so now I’m curious. Time to put “reading your code” on my TODO.

As a Blender Guru Wannabe - I was impressed!

The code is kinda mess and uncommented, I’m sorry for that, I’ll make a version that is more didactic once I have the time.

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I had to laugh, I didn’t read your original post well enough, I just saw a game and got excited, lol. It is really cool what you have gotten to work in blender 2.91

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Great work, man!


Haha, yeah, thats why it turned out so crappy, I spent most of the time just trying to get stuff to work.