Angry Birds/Catapult styled game

I have little experience with BGE or UPBGE, and I would like to change that. If you are interested in it, then it would be a learning experience for both of us. If you are experienced and serious, then I would not expect you to waste your time on this because I’m willing to start this project solely for the purpose of learning and gaining experience together.


The theme is going to be basically a catapult styled physics game as it can be seen in Angry birds, except this is going to be in 3d. We could use cell shaded materials for the assets. The camera styled will be preferably isometric or perspective (I haven’t decided yet).

I am going to post my progress whenever I can in this thread to raise your interest. I hope someone chimes in on this project. Have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

Made a catapult from pure intuition since I have no concepts sketches yet. Next step, retopologizing.

I want to do it too

I want to do it

Crate WIP. Okay I spent a lot of time on this one. Started working in the evening. Im hoping to combine hand-painted and npr toon aesthetic since the NPR shading looks too boring without any detailed textures. I have my exams so updates are going to be irregular.

These are a few doodles which I will try to finalize in the morning. Generally there are going to lots of things in the game so the assets will be low poly or atleast very simple, while stressing on the details in the texturing.

Really nice work!

if it comes time to make the game and no coder has popped up, I can make the charge / fire script for you.


archeryBprFixed (Impact) (BPR_edit5).blend (502 KB)

That would be great !

Great tutorial, I’m sure I can convert the rig slightly more suited to a slingshot, I mean the wooden part is going to be the same, but the elastic straps needs some work.

Sorry guys ive been inactive for a while because of exams and college enrollment and other stuff. I finished the crate. The c-4 label is using a separate face and uvs, so I can use it to create different types of crates later.

And here’s the road stop (VLC media player ?lmao). It’s still WIP but theres not much left to do.

Also I have been testing it in UPBGE with a FPS physics shooter. The ground(grass) texture is just temporary, and I’ll fix it in the next update.

Update, the shooter resulted in some wonky physics. I don’t seem to detect what’s wrong with it.

the projectiles should be no collision or replace them with a no collision on parent.

also, open the console and ensure you are printing errors.

are you using the bow /arrow system I gave you?

No I didn’t use your bow but the one in the video uses a generic mesh edit logic node. The problem seems to be with the physics. I’ll see if I can fix it tomorrow, I need some sleep.

This catapult was so cool and loving it.