Angry Bunny!!!! WIP

This is my second project so far. (the first one is just a beginner project from “the official Blender 2.3 GUIDE” and just finished it yesterday)

I found this pic on my brother myspace and thought that it was the perfect little scene for me to start a learning project.

here what i have so far. notes: i’m gonna rotate his head a bit to his left.(just noticed it when i previewed this post)

any tip and crit would be great as i need to learn more about what i should do for scenes like this.

Oh i have a quick question.
How do you add a face to the bottom of the cylinder that i’ve used for the ear and body without affecting the subsurfed shape too much?

I know near to nothing about lighting and rendering options and stuffs so if you think i should do this or that, please include or point me to an explanation or tut to see what you are talking about.

I think that making the bunny look exactly like the TRIX rabbit, is half of making the cartoon funny. The other half is creating the scene to match. It is a good start. :smiley:

thanks for reminding me about the TRIX bunny. now i understand fully what was so funny to me about that scene. Remember all those commercial where the bunny try to get the cereal. I kinda hate that commercial cause it was always the same no matter what setting it was so at least it is something diff in this pic.

maybe i’ll try to make it look like him but it would be copyright infringement and beside i wanna to try and make it look exactly like the drawing first so i can get my bro to give a JPEG of this project to whichever of his friends drew it.

Don’t worry about that. This is artistic expression. Besides, Saturday Night Live would be sued countless times for the stuff they do.

oh ok. well like i said it a learning project and the drawing is my goal for now. maybe once i finish. I’ll try to make a much much more “Official” looking commercial animation out of it for an animation practice project.

(edit: a second post in this one to avoid double posting)

Seems like i’m stuck on making the hand for some reason. I could make one but not round enough to suit the drawing. I have one of the 3d view close up on the hand so you know what i’m talking about. I tried to subdivide a cube and stuffs but since i have to scale it down on one axis, if i do that it’ll squash all the edges together and causes more of an edge than i like.

should i try to join 4 cylinder to make a hand? one long one would be the palm and the thumb and the palm part of the cylinder have 3 other cylinder sticking perpindicularly (i know, i know bad spelling) out for the other 3 finger. would the subsufing mess it up?

Don’t kill yourself on this project. Here’a a quick and easy way to make a cartoon hand in seconds.