Angry Hair

I’m working on animating my Yoda model, and I have lots of nice looking hair. I’ve used guide curves to give the hair the shape I want, and everything is fine and dandy as I render stills. However, as I’m animating him, I noticed that his hair was following the curves still, so when I moved the model away from the curves, they still stretched toward the direction of the guides. So I parented the curves to the same bone as the head. Now every movement my model head makes causes a mass recalculation of the hair, giving each strand a new possition at every frame. The result is wild, angry hair that writhes around on his head. Can anyone tell me a solution, like maybe a way to aplly the curves deformation as the normal hair shape? Anyone else experienced something like this?

In the particle window there’s an option in the emmision buttons near “Face” and “Verts” called “Even”.

This distributes particle emmission evenly over faces giving larger faces more and smaller faces less. Problem is, if you have anything that modifies the mesh, the face sizes change and the particles get redistributed.

I had the same problem with a test monster I was making.

In short - leave “Random” on, but turn off “Even”.

I am probably way off, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that you could delay how fast it follows your mesh.

Ha, found it, I was right, in curve options click Path Distance Offset, then go to the Animation Buttons and change the Time Offset value.

Adjust as needed.

Isn’t that for adjusting an object following the path? Not curve guides?

I’m going to have a play and get back to you…

[edit] Yup - thought so, Path offset is to time offset an object that is following the path.

Useful if you’re making an escelator where the steps are following a curve and are 2 or 3 frames apart. I also seem to recall someone a while ago here using it to make the back and front of a monorail carriage follow properly, but it does not affect curve guides.

Ok, I figured out that it has to do with my texture channel that is affecting the hair. As soon as I set the texture influence to 0, the squirming medusa hair went away, but so did the shape of the hairdo that I had worked so hard to achieve. So why does my texture (which is not animated) make the hair change every frame, how would apply that texture to the shape and then delete it, if that’s possible, or how could I get some good randomness to my hair another way? I could post the blend if someone wants to see what I’m talking about.

You texture is what you’re using for Velocity and the gradients in the texture give it the randomness. The Random setting in the Velocity buttons only give a random direction (relative to the normal) and not the squiggly shape you get from the texture. You might try mixing the two.

Of course, that squiggly randomness is the product of the texture, so you may be able to solve it by simplifying the texture you use.


I think it is because the hairs are changing position and thier texture coordinates are changing. I ran into this problem with my mad scientist character. To get around the problem I parented the entire hair emitter object to the head bone, rather than parenting the mesh to the armature and using weights. That way the emitter mesh never gets deformed, and the hairs stay where they are supposed to. Unfortunately this approach won’t work if you need to deform the hair mesh.