Angry Ram

(AlinB) #1

Hey there, I am happy to present you my latest artwork.
A 3d character design made with zbrush and rendered with blender cycles. It took me around 1 month from start to finish and it was a fabulous learning and creative experience.
The concept was done by the awesome artist Cryptid-Creation from devianart. And my aim was to create a grumpy cartoon like character with a touch of realism to capture dissatisfied emotion.

Concept art:

(JoniMercado) #2

great character!

(Magenta Shift) #3

Great expression and emotion. Nice work.

(ShadowCamero) #4

Love it! Nailed the character!

(Pierrick PICAUT) #5

First, the style is super cool.
What impress me or… made me curious about it is your shading.

So particular. It looks handmade.
I love it (so does my wife :slight_smile: )

(AlinB) #6

Hey, cheers guys!
Happy to know you like it. :slight_smile: About the shaders… I am not sure why, but I noticed that this is the kind of look of the shaders (or style) I end up with all my art pieces.

I could share some node setups or more behind the scenes screen shots, if you are interested.

(tadine) #7

Good job man, I liked the dirt on the ground :wink:

(gumen) #8

Fantastic work. I love the color variation on the fur.

(yii7) #9

Nice work congratulations.

(ShacharHarshuv) #10

looks great! love it!

(Impreza09) #11

Awesome! *****. It really looks like a scale figure photo, but the expression of the face is so life-like!

(LeoYfver) #12

Beautiful! I am really interested to see the node setup, especially the hair!:slight_smile:

(Stan Pancakes) #13

That’s one mean furball! Awesome! Congrats on feature!

(Milk-..-Man) #14

Awesome character,love it!!! :slight_smile:

(Indy_logic) #15

Good lord! That’s awesome!

(bossestrenders) #16

Haha- I saw this on G+ and thought it looked like your style! Really love this piece. Great job man! 5*

(Kemmler) #17

the details really make this one, especially the eyes and hair. Great example of a piece that takes it to the next level.

I just wish you didn’t use so much CA, it’s pretty distracting…

(tyrant monkey) #18

Oh man I wish frank the sheep looked like this, beautiful work.

(NID Graphics) #19

Absolutely phenomenal work! A well deserved top row! Keep them coming!

(AlinB) #20

Agreed. Thanks. I tend to overdo that from time to time without noticing.

Cheers guys for all your other comments and likes. Im really glad that I inspired you more or less. Thanks again for all the honest (I hope) feedback! ;) Oh and btw, let me know if you are interested in me sharing the fur node-setups and all that. Because if you do, Id be more than happy to do so.