Angry Toony Guy

While playing around with a new rig…

Can you make it look like a rock hit his head?
Looks cool…

including FACIAL rig??? :eek:

Yeah, it also has facial controls. Here’s a screen grab:

New pic:

I’m playing with the lighting for the cover of… something…

The face is AMAZING!

i think you could do a better job on the body though…
Its just so blocky and sharp

I feel the coming of a DVD or book…
I like the body. Very useful for games and the like or as a stylized character (though I suspect it’s simply a mesh rig…)

Are you planning to post the blend?

The reason I ask is that lighting and materials are fantastic. I would also like to see what the mesh is like.

Top notch. Especially the face. The only thing I’m having a problem with is the leg-to-body area. It looks like a blocky body with a couple of sticks stuck into his torso. Good job, though.