Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

Many of you might be aware of this, but for the past five or six years, there has been an AWESOME online character that’s got a huge fan following called the Angry Video Game Nerd (originally the Angry Nintendo Nerd).

Here are some of his best videos, in my opinion:

-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
-Ninja Gaiden
-The Power Glove
-Rob the Robot

And here’s a full list of his AVGN movies (note that, separately, he also does some awesome movie reviews and stuff).

What does this have to do with Blender? Well, two things: one philosophical and the other practical.

First, James Rolfe - the creator and actor of the AVGN - has been talking about making an AVGN movie for a long time. Well, he tried several routes, including going to Hollywood and also getting “angel investors”. Needless to say, the financial feifdom wanted nothing to do with him.

So, he opened an account at this site where people can contribute donations to causes and requested funds to make the AVGN movie. Much like Blender circumvents traditional financial channels and institutional bureaucracy, that’s what he tried to do. He was asking for $75,000. Do you know how much the fans donated? $250,000! (I’m always broke, but otherwise I’d donate $10 - the cost of an average movie ticket.)

This is kind of an open-source movie, at least in the financial sense. (And creatively, too, as his character was encouraged by fans rather than pre-ordained by some weirdos in a Hollywood suite.)

But, more relevantly, he’s been seeking computer animators to do the effects for the AVGN movie. I believe that he’s looking to pay small or even no wages. I don’t know. But here’s his post on the topic:

For the AVGN movie, we are currently seeking 3D Modelers, Set Builders, and Miniature Makers/Model Makers/Model Painters. Candidates should ideally be in the Los Angeles area. Please email [email protected] with the job title and AVGN Movie in the subject line. Please also attach a resume and any info that might help us understand why you are an ideal candidate. Thanks!

He’s currently in Los Angeles (he normally lives in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area) in pre-production for the movie. When doing a video update today, he again noted the cost of computer animators. So, if there is anybody here who would like to contribute to this movie, I strongly encourage you to contact them. I’m sure they’re looking for very competent people who do what they say they’ll do, naturally.

I believe that if all the effects could be done in Blender, that would be very cool and help promote the program.

It’s a little strange he’s looking for 3d modellers considering his hatred for CGI lol

i LUVZ AVGN!! I’d like to help with his movie, but there’s no way I can relocate to L.A.

It’s gonna be a pay work?.