Angular motion blur in Yafaray

Hi all,

A small question. How to create a believable blur of angular motion?

I have tried one approach, but it doesn’t work well. Rendering the scene in any renderer, then render a speed and Z pass in blender and use vector blur. This work only for tiny amounts, as the vector blur cannot create the illusion arc motion, only straight lines. Another problem is that the reflections on near objects and shadows aren’t affected, so they stay there although the aren’t visible so much in reality. So this approach doesn’t work in this case.

Another approach (I haven’t tested it for now) is to create the blurring manually. This means to render the scene and then the desired amount of samples of moving object. The interaction of objects (reflection, shadows) will be blurred, but it is a tedious work to render the needed amount of samples. This number might be quite high, as the the speed of motion and image resolution play role when deciding how many are needed.

Is there any other method to do this?