Angular rate

Hello eveyone,

I’m about to make an Epicyclic gearing in Blender, and I’m currently setting up the constraints for different sitautions and stats of the gears. Now I’m stuck if I try to rotate a gear around a center gear at a variable angular speed. The gear is set up with a “Child of”-constraint, so it alway moves with the angular speed of the gear in the center, but this can never happen. Messing with the Influence-slider doesn’t work either. If I want an object to rotate around another with lets say half the rotation speed, what is the best way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

Maybe like this. Put a empty in center of big gear. lets say the gear is 4 to/ 1 48 to 12. I parent the small gear to the empty and add driver make the empty the control object and put 4 in under expanded polynormial bottom slot.
The little gear meshes perfect but i do not know if it will work with all you animation.gear.blend (133 KB)
I parented the empty to the big wheel and added a drive to the empty and turned down the rotatation on the small gear and everything will follow the big gear and spin as it spins. Not in the blend here.

Oh, didn’t thought of that, super!

Thanks for the hint!