Angular Skymap Ready to use

I made this yesterday using Terragen, HDRShop, and Paintshop Pro. It’s an angular sky texture that can be used in Blender as well as many other programs and makes a good HDR light map.

The map is 2048x2048 and in lossless BMP format. File size is 12 megs.

HDR Radiance map can be posted under request. (file size is huge)

Here is the preview:

C&C Welcome.

Nice map. Lossless BMP? Did you count the time loss? :smiley:


thank you i really appreciate

Howitzer, thanks for sharing this! I’m always on the lookout for new ones… I’d be interested in the HDR version, but only if you’re able to post it (maybe zipped?) Are you planning to do more? You could work up a cd/dvd set and sell it in Ebay, or do like these guys!

That was one of the fastest downloads I’ve ver seen! I’m on cable, but that was still crazy… 450kbps! Oh yeah… cool map…

12 megs sounds a bit large for an image. I’d prefer png or another lossless compression. :expressionless:

Thanks for the replys guys. Because I rely on Terragen and HDRShop to create my images, I must register them first before selling anything. But I’m perfectly fine with creating free images. And this is the first one I’ve ever managed to do just right. I made earlier ones but they were of lower resolution and had black lines in them. Now I figured out how to make prefect ones.

The HDR map will be posted later today… I’m at work now on my lunch break. I will make some more tonight. Expect to see them tomorrow.

A high res JPEG will also be made, but it will not be as good as BMP (JPEG errors are very noticable when used as a sky map- but not so much as a light probe)

Ok. I have the other formats up now. As it turns out, the HDR format is actually smaller than the bmp version. Also, I have a 99% quality jpg available as well. (8 megs) (2 megs > click save-as)

thank you very much, i have needed a nice basic hdr, and here one is.

next time you could use PNGs they are lossless too, but have smaller size
There is a little program that can compress them more :
With this i made a png that weight 30% of your bmp :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to create the probes with terragen for a while following the tutorial found at

The pobes look alright with hdrview , but when I use them in my model and render them with yafray, some ugly bright white spots appear on my model. Which don’t appear if use for example your probe. So…

Did you use a different tutorial if any?
Could you post the terragen tgw, or the settings that you changed from the default ones? thanx-

Well, I looked at the tutorial…

I don’t use cubetocross… I make my own crossed cubemaps using Paintshop Pro. I also don’t use a terragen script to make my panorama images (although I was planning on making one months ago but I forgot). And finally, I don’t use the HDRIE program.

I am interested in the script and will download it. But I’m not going to even touch those other programs. I also won’t make a tutorial. All I can say is that I think you should make your own crossmaps in a paint program instead of using cubetocross, and that I recommend you use HDRShop instead of HDRIE.

Good luck Jrfalck.


Oh, you say you see brightspots on the model itself? Then ditch HDRIE, use HDRShop instead the problem may be due to errors in the HDR map.

Nice! :slight_smile:

So why wouldn’t you do a tutorial?
You got a nice web site.
Why not share the knowledge.


I asked for a link to such a hdri freebie a couple a days ago. Thanks for sharing.

May I ask if you or anyone know if it’s possible to load a ordinary digital panorama images in photoshop/gimp, create different images with adjusted exposure and combine them in hdrshop, use panoramic transformation, and get good results creating a hdr sphere?

Well, I didn’t want to make a tutorial because it would take too long. But I’ve decided to go ahead and make one- just don’t expect it anytime soon.

Rendr, I’m not sure what you mean. You can change the exposure in HDRShop itself, you don’t need PaintShop Pro for that.

And because I wanted to, here is another angular map:


Download: (click save-as)

tnx once mote, this is sweet

Thanks. But I have something I need to say so you all don’t get disappointed later:

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Once the bandwidth gets down to 200 megabytes, I’m going to break all the links in order to preserve the bandwidth. This may not happen for a few days, but I’m making a new map each day until it does. (I’m running it into the ground :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks for your comments. Although don’t think they nail my problem. I used hdrshop. I did use the pano script but the script is not more than a “rotate six times and render” hardly an intricated one. I am curious how did you deal with the six individual .HDR images with Photoshop. I am more inclined to think that is something in one of the terragen parameters which causes these spots at render. I don’t see any spots on the probe itself, just on the lighted object at render time. Will wait for your tut to see which step or parameter is different from mine. Thanx

Is it really necessary to make the .jpegs 2048 x2048?

Blender doesn’t support HDR images.
All people use the .jpegs for are reflections.

Would making them 512x512 cut down on bandwith?

1: yes.
2:Yafray does.
3:false, you use them instead of the crappy default blender world.
4:yes it would, but there would be a noticable loss of quality.