AngV is what?

Is angV the velocity in blender units per second around a circle? most likely not, as the size of the circle could be any size. I set it to 1.00, and it was going way faster than 1 degree per second, and it looked like even faster than ten degrees per second. So, just to confirm, 1.00 = 100 degrees?

I think its radians per second rather than degrees. Since all the math internally is stored in radians, making it radians there would be easiest.

It seems to go at about 1 quad per second, although maybe a bit slower than that, which is about right for radians. It should take about 6 seconds to rotate once at 1.0, hmm.

Well, if you set it to 6.28, it rotates about once per second, so I’m pretty sure its radians per second :slight_smile:

That looks right, I thought that might be it, but I didn’t fully get it. thanks alot! :smiley:

To convert the angle to degrees:

degrees = radians360/(23.1415)

To convert back to radians:

radians = degrees*(2*3.1415)/360

hope u find that useful. :slight_smile:

Keith. 8)