[Ani] CowStein: Target Destroy!

From the creator of Euranimal and Visitor…
…The Cow are back, in a new episode!

Low Version: http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=5XHOcS8hcp0
HD Version: http://www.izedesign.it/video/target.rar [12Mb][PAL 720x576 16:9][1:48Min][Avi XviD Codec]


Realize with Blender 2.45 and Voodoo Camera Tracker for 48 hour of rendering and 15-20 hour of developing…

Great job dude.Keep on the good work.

Very nice! Nice tracking and compositing.

Good job man…did you use AAO?
And how did you make the smoke?

What idea! Ha ha ha! Man you are crazy :). Excellent video compositing.

Excellent work! Very funny :slight_smile:

Great Job! That was funny. Love the Cow!

Nice work with comp. and tracking. IMO it could be a bit shorter, especially the first part. Nice smoke and rocket trajectory!

Pretty cool, But on few parts you could see the target out of tracking and in the end where it gets to be in pieces it has odd flickering. Also the soundtrack is quite dull.

yay , ok the intro is kind of long , but the movie itself is really good , nice work on the composition and tracking :slight_smile: .
crit = the re-action of the traget when it was hit .

In addition to the target pieces flickering, it’s a bit noticeable that the cow doesn’t have the tree leaf shadows on it as it fires the rocket.

Other than that, nice work!

That was fun.

Did you use any tracking software?

Great compositing and nice anim. Maybe a bit slow at start.

yah excellent… my only crit is the speed…