Blender 3D add-on that allows the animating camera and render output resolution.

Add-on functionality

In the “AniCam” panel there are similar fields as the “Resolution X” and “Resolution Y” fields from the “Output Properties – Dimensions” tab of the “Properties” window which are responsible for the output resolution of the camera and render. They are automatically synchronized.

Basic resolution fields cannot be animated, But now it is possible to animate fields from the “AniCam” add-on panel.
Animation of these fields is performed as usual – by pressing the “i” keycode above the required field. The animation curve appears in the “Graph Editor” and “Nonlinear Animation” windows.

Now you can render images with the required resolution at any point on the TimeLine.

Blender does not support changing camera resolution with the default rendering of animation (by Ctrl + F12). However, you can render the frame sequence by clicking the “Render Sequence” button on the “AniCam” add-on panel.

Add-on web page

For more information please visit

Demonstration video

Current add-on version:


Blender versions:

2.93, 3.0


Nice, but it’s not compatible with renderfarms, or is it?

I think that no. I don’t know the principles of rendering on render farms, but I think they use common rendering without any add-ons.

ehhh… what is that for?? Maybe I 'm missing something but who need this?

Who needs to render many angles with different resolutions.

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ok! for that, yes! nice. You should do this in your video.You show an animation wich is not the aim, so it’s a bit confusing

Thank you for the feedback! I will think how to show this more clearly.

Updated to v. 1.2.0.

  • Added managing render resolution in TimeLine Markers
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And thank you once again, it’s an absolute timesaver in my workflow!

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