AniCator's Short Films: Microphone(last update: 29/11/05)

I’m working at a movie called Microphone(see my site for more info)
I’m about to put images here fast

Story is watchable on my site

I hope u like it! :wink:

usually you would get more replies if you post an image with your post. this gives peope an idea of what they’re looking at. happy blending! :smiley:

I’m using Universal Man(WIP) for Microphone

Microphone model
i’m working on the texture

I think you may need to sub divide or sub surface the microphone grill, and smooth it. The texture will be easier to see that way.

sorry but the microphone is the last thing on my list now

mister moviemaker doesn’t want to work together with me
he is such an idiot
he has an flat face

i hope he’ll work soon

i hope you can see the difference


Looking better! I would smooth out some of those hard seems though. Its in the menu that pops up when you hit W. Near the bottom, but you need to have those areas selected in edit mode.

i have a problem with the nose
here is another camera angle


i’ve got a slow down

school gives lots of homework

stupid teachers… :wink: :slight_smile:

My site is in non update because i now have to spend much time at homework and Microphone
Here is an (dumb) preview image of the start of the studio:
I’m gonna work harder now
this project was down too long

New Progress Picture of the studio

Progress is going faster now

Please Reply

I want to know weak points

hey man, thanks for the suggestions. I did it, it is very good now, but i will not publish the render, because its the same picture. :-?
you are doing a nice work, i want to see the complete character please, not only the head. :wink:

see you.

take a look to my actual work.

thanks and merry christmas!

i have vacation at 10.10(GMT+1)
so i have more time for my project