Anim - Cannonball! =P

This is an animation, very short btw, which I made this afternoon. It’s really just a test to see if I could quickly go and execute a shot, as well as just being my first anim I’d ever post.
(121 Kb, zipped Quicktime)

Crits on mainly animation movement and particles please, really quick model =) I may end up adding a swell just before the cannon for anticipation, as at the moment I’m using a light inside of the cannon to signal the anticipation of the ‘BANG!’ =P

Well, the model looks good but the animation looks far too static.
The canonmodel looks a bit cartoonish, so you might try to deform it a bit the way you see it in cartoons, and some flames might come out of the canon while the ball shoots away.

But the movement of the ball looks pretty good and so does the smoke.

That’s exactly my opinion, too.

Also make the camera one second lag when the ball fired and then track the ball again.

WooT! Big update ^^
I think I got quite a nice effect happening now, the ball is less perfect, almost fluttering a bit, but the major bit is that the cannon ‘breathes’ just before it takes the shot (as in anticipation, not literally breathing ^
^), and that adds a lot to the shot imo.
Mpeg4 encoded, 70 Kb, better than lower QT compression
Quictime encoded, 118 Kb, not as good as Mpeg4 compression

Yeah!!! :smiley: