Anim - Face rigged with armatures

hi all =]
this is a little test I made
The objectice was to animate facial expressions and lip sinch using armatures. I used rvks just to some individual cases

the result

mirror from M@dcow

if doenst work try or

Linux and mac users may donwload bink player at

Some screens:

And the .blend file =]

See ya =]

50 views and I’m the first to comment…sickening :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no crits for this whatsoever, it is fu*king awesome.

Great job ;), nicely executed. My only crit he’s lacking some teeth and a tongue. But otherwise great :slight_smile:


Dang nabbit. Bandwidth limits exceeded so I didn’t get a chance to see it…

I provided an alternate link cause I’m such a fantastic guy :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job! No crits at all. Just a great animation.


Wow, fantastic!

Love all the other movies you’ve got on your site too! They are great!

Thanks all =]
especially for the mirror =]

For the ultra curious, here are the blendfile (~400KB)

Yeah, blend file. Lol, cool head. You captured all the emotions he should have while speaking. Boy never thought lipsyncing would look so nice. The only other one I saw was the one with Ton pronouncing Blender. :o This animated head rocks!!!

(Hmm what as that guys name I forget, the badguy)

Jason Lin

Wow, this is real great. very nice. This is :o

Wow! you even got the eye positions right instead of just stareing! you don’t know how common that mistake is!

Very good indeed, reminds me of the heads in…eerrrrmm…owww…the animation with Bender the robot in it…and errm leyla…the one eyed bird…is it futurama?

Will be looking at your blend closely, may be you could do a tute.



oowwww wow just went to your website, you are a very good animator :o :smiley: , do you have or are you thinking of doing any tutes? :o :smiley: …Please

The animation is excellent! I’d like to know how did you make the exe out of the animation. What tools do you need for it?

Sorry for the useless question. I found the bink toolkit…

Hi all =]
thanks again =]

The voice is from megatron in the last episode (i think) of Beast Warss

I dindt wrote any tute… my english is terrible =]. So…I share the blenfile. There is another one at [], with my old daredevil, tha you can see too

See ya

My first criticism is that I’m not particularly fond of the style of the head, but that’s purely a matter of personal taste and has nothing to do with your talent or skill.

The animation is very well done. The facial animation is quite good, and I am quite impressed by the floating animation of the glass container. The entire thing is very fluid and very naturalistic in a cartoon sort of way (which is, I am pretty certain, what you were going for).

My second criticism is that the facial expressions don’t seem extreme enough for the amount of emotion in the voice. But still, the animation is very well done, and is certainly better than I could do at this point.

Well done! :slight_smile:

we have a mirror on our download section of blend.polis :smiley:
thx vinicious!
tommorow a big update on the download-section will follow (then there are over 20 blend.files ready for non-comercial use)