Anim newbie ready to tear hair out!


I’ve used Blender on and off since the NaN days, but I’ve never tried animations until now. I’ve been following some of the simpler key frame anim tutorials on the web and gone through the relevant section in the online manual, and every time I try to render a simple animation the computer freezes up.

system 1.6 Ghz P4
256 Meg RAM
5 Gig+ free disk space
Win 2K

Blender 2.34

simple anim - cube move past camera
key frame (loc) 1 cube out of view
key frame (loc) 80 cube in view

Everything works fine previewing anim in 3D window (Alt+Shift+A)

Render (only things changed from default):
PAL dimensions
frame 1 to frame 80
Quality 100
format Targa <- crashes no matter what format used
(the dir c: mp\ does exist)

Tried with and without “Do Sequence” button in.

When I press ANIM I get the first frame showing and then the computer locks up and only responds to a reset

If anyone has any suggestions/handholding walkthoughs(!) I’d be grateful to hear them. I’m probably missing something really dumb! I don’t care, I just want the @#$%&$# thing to render!

Cheers Stephen

In the render output panel in the render options, the box that says mp
change to my documents or another path. Apparently u dont have a c:/tmp folder. which means the animation has nowhere to go. use AVI Codec format instead of targa. download Divx from here:
that codec compresses well and a lot of the blender community has it


I tried animating the same .blend files on a XP box at work, and everything worked beautifully!

I guess it was my win2K machine that was causing the problem.

Cheers Stephen