anim. ObjectDistribution

Hard to descibe in title shortly :slight_smile:

Hi, Im trying to solve this - how to fixate distances between particles independence on curve lenght (because now distance is calculated from amount of farmes and curve lenght).

I tried to solve it by two curves

  • first for distance
  • and second curve as deform curve.
    But it doesnt work correctly, emitter ignore the curve deformation.
    Thanks a lot for help (its not first time that I need it).

Or if anybody know how to animate distribution of objects on curve will be appreciate :slight_smile:

Under line ask:
I notised that when I made marks it timeline it is vizualize on Curve (as FollowPath) too. That could be great when I need to synchro. sound with moving object on this curve, but I need to see this marks also in edit mode. Is that possible? Thanks again.


test-distance.blend (968 KB)