anim: Omituisten Otusten Kerho (12.12:tweak-zone)

note: the wip updates I will always post in the end of the thread!

here’s a little shot of what I’m working with currently… we thought of this last weekend, with my kids… they did some concept drawings, and I started modelling. couple of more creatures coming, some trees and flowers, and then we are going to make them dance and sing.

here’s one test animation for the rigs…

here’s the intro:

and, here’s my blender wip page for the project:

it’s just a simple little project… for fun… in the process I’m showing my older them how the animations are done, what makes them move etc… they are in charge for the plot, choreography and most of the designs…


oh how cool…
and its’ good to know that parents are turning their kids into mini-blenderheads… LoL

I so can’t wait till this is done… it’s just so… funky LoL

Thats just… a little creepy. Have fun with that.

i think its great but likly to give kids nightmares

what a great idea! I have been teaching my oldest to program with a piece of software that you don’t need to know how to read to make games with it.
but this is wondreful. If you don’t mind I think I’ll use your concept and do the same with my kids.

hmmmmm. weird. lol

sweet! and i dont know if u do this purposely, but u always have the same font, and it brings out this cooool style of yours

nice! I sometimes do stuff for my nephews, like just the other day, I scanned one of their toy swords, made it into an alpha mapped PNG and stuck it in one of my renders. Kids love 3D.

ROTFLMAO. :smiley: Dude, so good, sheer class.

Between you and me, can you send me some of the mushrooms you’re eating? :smiley:

Animation is cool, the ‘eyes’ creature is really well done.


<Picks himself up off the floor. :smiley: >

be carefull of the doc seuss effect… I’ve met so many kids that had the same experience me and my brother had… our parents loved them books and well… they gave us bloody nightmares!

Me though… I love it! in the anim however I find the 3 shadows of the “eye” figure really distracting.

hehheh… you people always get scared and spooked out so easily… :slight_smile: little cute creatures like this never scare me… it’s those MakeHumans that creep me out :slight_smile:

anyways, keep in mind, the designs for the creatures, are done by my kids. this weird-eye-socket-thing is very popular at our house now. the younger son draws “look-a-like-eyes” (as he calls them) everywhere…

we have a calendar on our kitchen wall, showing some of the not so common real creatures out there, so maybe that has something to do with these… heh.

and, about the font, yes, I know I always use that… I only have like 5 special kind of fonts… that, then some 70’s computer fonts, c64 font, and the old typewriter I often use too… oh, and one or two old horror/scifi like fonts. there are millions of fonts out there, I know, but 99% of them suck.

anyways. thanks for the comments.
here’s one I did today, and one closeup for the yesterdays creature.


The nose guy is awesome! Skin looks very cool.
Möhömaha looks cool as well, but reminds me of some other body part on feet.

They’re all naked !!! This won’t be good for kids at all. :< :x

what is wrong with being naked?
anyways, creatures like this surely don’t wear clothes.

and nico, heh… you are right … :slight_smile: didn’t even notice it. maybe I could refine that a bit … well, we will see how it looks when I all of these are done, and I place them in the set… thanks for pointing it out.

and… you know… it’s all part of life anyways :slight_smile:


rolf, the things kids come up with!!!

the nose guy is wicked, your kids have some imagination :smiley:

It kind of reminds me of " monters inc. " If you’ve seen that movie.


Do they watch Sponge Bob?

I do. It’s my favorite program.

These are fantastic characters basse. The nose guy is especially great.


Your kids are very lucky to have a such talented father. This is a great idea to make this with them

i like all of them. they are really cool